Aerobic Soccer Training Instructor Scholarship

Become an Aerobic Soccer Training Instructor


How Exciting that you are progressing your soccer Career. 

Many players turn into instructors, because players know the game best. 


With this certification you have the ability to officially teach and organize Aerobic Soccer Training Sessions. We recommend that you charge $10 - $15 per student for instructing players in your region. 


To become a certified Aerobic Soccer Trainer go through the following steps. 


Evaluation Process


  1. Make a Video Call Appointment by clicking here 

  2. Be able to Perform, on demand, a sample of the 10 Basic and 12 Advanced Skills

  3. Show that you are able to teach how to do specific moves at evaluators request. 


We would like to invest in your future by providing a scholarship to be an Aerobic Soccer Training Instructor. 


The value of the scholarship is $100 and covers the cost of access to exclusive training material and certification evaluation.


Being certified to be an AST Instructor signifies that you can teach how to train individual technical soccer skills as pertains to ball control, a benefit that impacts yourself as a player and your community as an instructor. 


Ready to get Certified to teach Aerobic Soccer Training? (Instructor Scholarships Available) Proven skill building technique that is fun for everyone involved. We say the Most Powerful in the World. 


Duration: Lifetime
Price: $100.00